What is It’s the Pictures?

It’s the Pictures is a biweekly podcast about film history, current trends, and box office news.

Here you will find podcasts from Max Covill and former Co-host John Gilpatrick that will go deeper into pop culture– exploring filmographies, discussing topics with guests, and talking about the latest trends in the film industry. Max is a freelance journalist in the pop culture field whose writing has appeared on RogerEbert.com, Polygon, Paste, Film School Rejects, and others. You might’ve read his pieces covering anime like Neon Genesis Evangelion or Alita: Battle Angel. Or you’ve seen his interviews with Cartoon SaloonHans Zimmer, or Bo Burnham. Joining Max is new Co-host Evan Crean. Evan brings his extensive film knowledge to the podcast with his work on Spoilerpiece Theatre, his commitments to the Boston Online Film Critics Association, and his expertise in ’80s classics. It’s the Pictures is essays, movie reviews, interviews, guest posts, links, new releases, and festival news delivered right to your ears,

Why It’s the Pictures?

When Max and John were thinking of a name for the podcast, they started to look at classic movies. They eventually stumbled upon the name It’s the Pictures because of the classic quote from Sunset Blvd, “I am big, it’s the pictures that got small.” The two of them had a few episodes together and decided they’d enjoy making a longer-term project out of it. After years and over 150 episodes together, they certainly exceeded the original plans. Consider following the newsletter, to get more content and expansion of the podcast.


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Where to find us

The official Twitter account is @itsthepicpod and I tweet @mhcovill. I’m also on Bluesky these days @mhcovill.bsky.social. If you’d like to email us, please send your thoughts or comments to Itsthepictures@gmail.com. Evan Crean can be found online with the handle Reelrecon at Bluesky, Twitter/X, Instagram, and others.